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Discover your capabilities with our DNA sports test!

1. Introduction

This report is a fundamental tool for sports practice, both amateur and professional. You will see your genetic predisposition to, for example, suffer injuries, lower heart rate or your capacity for muscle regeneration.

Your genes determine your sport profile, the metabolic and even the overall benefit of the sport for your body. Thanks to the sequencing of your DNA done by our genetics, and its subsequent analysis, you can optimize your workouts, discovering what types of exercise your body is best prepared for and in which you have to take special care if you want to avoid certain injuries.

As usual in our reports, in the first pages, you will find an iconographic summary of each of the analyzed values, which we develop more broadly in later pages.

We remind you that any changes you want to make in your diet, or your health treatments, should be guided by health professionals. Any doubts you have about any genetic test should be checked against health personnel who are experts in Genetic Diagnosis or Specialized Physicians.

1.1. Frequently Asked Questions

Should I make drastic changes in my health management with the data from this test?

Not at all, any changes you want to make in your health management should be analyzed by an expert geneticist and medical specialists. Any doubts you have about any genetic test should be checked by healthcare experts in Genetic Diagnosis.

Does it all depend on my genes?

Not at all, our body responds to many conditions. Our genes are certainly an important parameter.

Lifestyle, sports, food, and many other circumstances influence our body.

Knowing yourself certainly helps to treat our body in the most appropriate way. And this is what these genetic reports are all about, more information.

Are all the analyzed genes listed in the sections?

We include only a sample of the genes that we analyze, some of the sections are determined by the analysis of more genes that we did not indicate in the report. Our algorithms combine your genotypes from the analyzed markers.

What is this report based on?

This test is based on different genetic studies internationally consolidated and accepted by the scientific community. There are certain scientific databases where studies are published where there is a certain level of consensus. Our genetic tests are carried out by applying these studies to the genotype of our clients.

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